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Congratulate Cosmos Machinery for Participating in Chinaplas 2016

        CHINAPLAS 2016 was closed on April 28 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. It achieved remarkable result beyond all expectation. The theme of this exhibition was “Greenovation for a Smart Future”. There were more than 3,300 exhibitors from domestic and overseas, and the total visitors reached nearly 150,000 in the four days show.

         Donghua Machinery, a subsidiary of Cosmos Machinery, displayed 1300JSeⅡ, Sec393, 260SeⅢ and Ge280HB in the show. These IMMs were feature with intelligent, efficient and environmental friendly. All these IMMs were the professional solutions for various industries.

1300JSeⅡis the fourth generation two-platen IMM of our company, and the main feature of 1300JSeⅡ is fast and efficient, which is especially suited to the high-end auto parts. And the dry cycle time of mold clamping is only 6 seconds reached the world advanced level. We also demonstrated the automatic production process of auto parts from producing to packaging during the exhibition.

         SEc393 thin-wall special injection molding machine showed the production with multi-station mould to produce 8 pieces lunch box in one time onsite. The production cycle is only 5.5 seconds. It’s featured with fast, efficient, stable, reliable and high product qualified rate. SEc393 IMM is the professional solution for thin-wall products with the special design of clamping system and single cylinder injection unit. These professional designs come from the perception of the market.

         The third generation of 260SeIII servo energy-saving injection moulding machine demonstrated the In Mould Labeling (IML) production onsite. The SeIII injection molding machine was the general purpose high-end servo-driven product of our company, which had a higher clamping system and greater injection volume. Especially its plasticizing efficiency, it was 1.6 times higher than the competitors. And it had border adaptation for different product, more efficiency and faster production. Ge280HB hybrid injection molding machine demonstrated the production of blood collection tube for medical use. It produced 32 pieces in a time. Ge280HB is the best solutions for electronic, medical and precise auto parts. It is not only equipped with precise all-electric injection system, but also with high strength clamping system, and high injection pressure up to 250Mpa and low deformation of the clamping system. All these are for precise plastic product production.

         During the show, Donghua Machinery’s booth had attracted a large number of people from domestic and overseas to visit and consult, and there were also many industry media interviewed our company. We had a meeting with Ube’s senior on the booth and discussed the future cooperation and development of all-electric IMM between us. Ube’s senior gave us a sincere evaluation after watching the displayed machines in our booth.

          The show couldn’t success without the support from customer, audience, as well as the hard work of Donghua’s people. Although the show came to an end, Donghua Machinery will keep moving forward. See you in Guangzhou next year!